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Led completely by current CUNY students, TEDxCUNY is NYC's prime TEDx conference. Learn more about us, our team, and our mission below.

We're going digital.

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TEDxCUNY is going digital. Join us for thoughtfully curated digital experiences from the comfort of your own home. Find inspiration from new, groundbreaking ideas in a new, intimate format.

Get inspired.


Building Design


Food Security





Finding Your Purpose



Criminal Justice


Get Involved

Join us in co-creating an experience that encourages participants to engage, learn, and be active community members.

TEDxCUNY Workshop w/


DJ, play that song! Let's hit the lights and have a dance party - join us on Dec. 18th for 30min of movement, dance, and meditation to start your weekend off right. And it's free!

TEDxCUNY Speaker


Recommend yourself or someone you know to join us on the TEDxCUNY stage. We can't wait to learn more about you.


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