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TEDxCUNY 2023: Who We Are

Gerald W. Lynch Theater | March 10th, 2023

"Growth occurs not by changing who we are, but as we summon the courage to be who we are." ~ Katrina Kenison

In our daily lives, it can be easy to lose sight of one's individual identities and roles in the larger context of the shared world. Throughout our life’s journey, we are shaped by the people and experiences we encounter. Life is often understood through a series of labels, which have the power to both marginalize and uplift.


Ultimately, we have the agency to decide what defines us. Who we are is constantly evolving. Who we are is a culmination of our knowledge, choices and resiliency in the pursuit of unmasking our true selves.


Are you ready to explore who you are?

What to Expect



Our speakers will take the stage to continue the mission of Ideas Worth Spreading, speaking on ideas they are passionate about.



Your opportunity to engage with local organizations during various sessions throughout the day.

Swag Bags

Featuring both global and local companies, discover all our partners have to offer - and experience new things! 

Meet the Speakers

Sherman Browne.jpeg

Sherman Browne

Decoding the Puzzle Pieces of Life

MilaBurns_Credito_Globo_Fabiano Silva_Vermelho .jpg

Mila Burns

Nurturing Interdisciplinary Thinking


Arvolyn Hill

Environmental Education as Empowerment


Emily Rice

Juggling Quantum-Mechanical Identity

Amara Lakhous.jpeg

Amara Lakhous

Beyond National Boundaries

Bryan Tapia.jpg

Bryan Tapia

Revisiting Academic Language

Kristina Gowin-Lora Bio Pic.jpeg

Kristina Gowin-Lora

Challenging the Stereotypes of Identity


Gina Keatley

Tasting Outside Your Plate

Amy Morales Lara.png

Amy Morales-Lara

The Healing Power of Art

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