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Help Support our Efforts in Creating our Events!

As the first and only public university TEDx University Conference in New York City, TEDxCUNY is the largest TEDx University event in the nation representationally, covering 25 campuses and over half a million students. Our team is entirely student-run, consisting of undergraduates and graduate students from various CUNY campuses, and we take pride in our ability to take ownership of what comes out of our events. 


Our mission is to create a recurring platform for the sharing and spreading of CUNY's incredible ideas. Our past conferences’ talks, which have amassed over a million online views, further cement our importance and influence as a unique local and national platform for amplifying CUNY voices.


But we can’t do this without your help. Your donation helps underwrite the production costs of mounting our TEDxCUNY annual Conferences. Our expenses include facilities, equipment rental, printing, catering, video and audio recording, and all the support needed to put on this diverse event. Your donation will allow us to continue our legacy while also reaching a substantial online and in-person population. Each and every dollar raised for TEDxCUNY goes directly back into creating the highest quality experiences for our attendees. We greatly appreciate your support!

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