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Student Speaker Competition


As a student-run conference, TEDxCUNY is dedicated to amplifying the voices of CUNY - including the voices of CUNY students. Each year, we welcome students to apply to speak on our stage, and we work with our finalists to craft the perfect TEDx talk. 
This year, we continue this tradition. Are you passionate about an idea? Have you participated in any work you found impactful? Are you ready to share your idea?
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Listen to some past student speakers

What better way to think about your own ideas than hearing others? We've featured a couple here for you to get started.


Aashna Shah

An accomplished computer science student and entrepreneur, Aashna struggled to balance her achievements with an identity she kept secret. Her quest for a license to live will inspire and challenge you.


Sara Camnasio

Science has been made out to be complex and inaccessible. Sara explains how we can fix science's bad rap, and how to make the field more exciting and engaging to young people - especially students.


J.A. Strub

How does music help us see past other people's differences and disabilities? Join J.A. Strub as he describes how hip-hop makes us better citizens and performs songs by hip-hop artist Fetty Wap.

Ready to apply?

Find our criteria and instructions below. Have any questions? Let us know at


Here at TEDxCUNY,  we're simply searching for the best ideas for our upcoming conference. While we don't expect you to have your idea perfectly put together, we'd like you to have an idea of what you'd like to speak about.

We do, however, have a couple of application criteria:

  • Must be a current CUNY student;

  • Must be familiar with TED Talks and TEDxCUNY;

  • Cannot pitch a talk with a political or religious agenda;

  • Cannot sell or otherwise promote a company/brand/product;

  • Must present scientifically accurate ideas. 

How to Apply

To apply to be one of our student speakers at our 2024 Conference, please check the criteria first. If you think you'd be a great fit for our stage, the application is as follows:

In a 2-minute video, introduce yourself and pitch your TEDxCUNY Talk idea. Based on your pitch, write a one-page outline that discusses your main idea worth spreading and anecdotes you hope to include. This 2-minute video and one-page outline must be attached to the application form below. 

Deadline: November 22, 2023.


Interested in Learning More?

TEDxCUNY is hosting a virtual informational session for all interested CUNY students on November 8, 2023, at 7 P.M EDT. Join us to learn more about this unique speaking opportunity and the application process.



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