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TEDxCUNY is a student-run conference dedicated to amplifying CUNY voices. Each year, we are eager to bring onto our team excited, passionate students from all years and backgrounds.  
If you are interested in and dedicated to being behind the scenes with us for our 2021 events, please view open positions and our application below. We look forward to welcoming you to our team!
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Below you will find a brief description of each of our subteams and the description for available roles under that subteam.

Media and Marketing

Media and Marketing ensures an online and in-person presence for TEDxCUNY and our mission. By managing and designing our social media, creating posters and flyers, and communicating with news outlets, this team focuses on promoting our conference. As a Media and Marketing Curator you will help create graphics for TEDxCUNY’s social media platforms. Since we are a student led organization, we make our own marketing materials. In this role you will be responsible for making graphic art such as posters, flyers and most importantly social media posts. Our team emphasizes a collaborative approach to everything from ideas for social media posts to design elements on major promotional items for our events. All members of our team are encouraged to participate in brainstorming sessions and contribute ideas for other teams. We strongly encourage you to apply if you have a background in graphic design.

Budgeting and Finance

The Budgeting and Finance team is responsible for developing community partnerships that ensure the amplification of partners and the growth of TEDxCUNY. As a Budgeting and Finance Curator you will form and maintain relationships with sponsors. Because we are a student led organization, we heavily rely on donations through partnerships. In this role you will be responsible for outreach to potential sponsors and partnership development with ongoing sponsors. All members of our team are encouraged to participate in brainstorming sessions and contribute ideas for other teams. Being a part of the TEDxCUNY team is a collaborative experience where everyone brings something new to the table.

Speakers and Programming

As a curator on the Speakers and Programming sub-team, you have a direct hand in who speaks on the TEDxCUNY stage. Throughout the speaker process you work closely with the team to identify and reach out to prospective speakers, you collaborate with speakers to develop their talk idea, you give thoughtful and productive written and oral feedback to speakers as they write, memorize, and rehearse the delivery of their talks, and most importantly you support the TEDxCUNY team and Speakers throughout the planning process. The curator role is very dynamic, and the following are some skills and attributes of a Speakers and Programming Curator:

● You are familiar with the style of TED and TEDx talks and can identify strong ideas worthy of a spotlight in your community and beyond.

● You can parse through any information and stories to pick out one big idea around which a talk takes shape, and can relate each talk idea to TEDxCUNY’s event theme.

● You are a very strong writer and editor, and you feel comfortable giving written feedback about composition, narrative structure, and syntax.

● You know how to critique someone’s writing while simultaneously encouraging their unique voice and idea.

● You can identify good public speaking skills and can give productive criticism about good delivery habits to speakers.

● You have strong interpersonal communication skills and are able to provide feedback in a sensitive and constructive way.

● You can commit your passion and time to TEDxCUNY - the Speakers team will ask for a substantial commitment of your time, and it may increase as the event date approaches.

● You send emails and respond to emails from both within the team and from speakers promptly and without errors.

● You are comfortable using Google Drive and the Google office suite (Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms).

● You can familiarize yourself with official TEDx guidelines regarding talk style, content, and delivery.

● You bring an inviting, patient, and enthusiastic energy to every meeting with the TEDxCUNY team and with Speakers.

Logistics and Engagement

The Logistics and Engagement team is dedicated to workshopping, promoting interactive community-led activities, and audience experience. In addition to activities, the team also assists with run of show and curating our SWAG bags.

As a Logistics & Engagement Curator, you will play a large role in planning the conference and in audience experience.

Responsibilities include:

● Conduct outreach to artists, businesses, and organizations for interactive workshops and in-kind donations at our conference events.

● Curate our audience SWAG bags, VIP packages, and speaker gifts.

● Brainstorming creative approaches to audience engagement.

● Assist with lobby and stage design.

● Recruit and coordinate conference volunteers on the day of the conference.

● Ensure a smooth run of show and conference schedule.

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We're so excited that you are interested in joining our team, and we hope to welcome you on board for our 2021 events!


We do, however, have a couple of application criteria:

  • Must be a current CUNY student;

  • Have an understanding of TED Talks and TEDxCUNY;

  • Must be comfortable following TED/TEDx guidelines;

  • Must be available for team and subteam meetings.

How to Apply

Now that you have read our criteria, know a little bit about TEDxCUNY, and perhaps have watched one of our talks, you're ready to apply!

You may apply for multiple positions but must specify which positions and why. We review applications on a rolling basis. Our Spring 2021 application deadline is February 21, 2021. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team at

Interest Meeting

TEDxCUNY is hosting a virtual interest meeting for all CUNY students on February 2nd at 5 PM. Join us to learn more about the opportunities at TEDxCUNY and our application process. 

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