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The Power of Voice

The value of each and every voice lies not in its utility, but in its existence. We use our voices to advocate for those whose voices have been silenced. We inspire change and we generate impact. Join us as we celebrate The Power of Voice.


A moment of connection and idea sharing 

We've designed a digital experience that will feature big ideas, groundbreaking speakers, and a space for you to talk back.

TEDxCUNYSalons are more intimate conferences, with a smaller audience and speaker roster to allow for lively discussion as part of our event. During Salons, we want to emphasize community and discussion more than anything else - let's make TEDxCUNY a space that feels like home.

TEDxCUNY Adventures - debuted for the first time in 2020 - are immersive experiences provided by our partners. Together, we want to explore what makes CUNY and NYC powerful by bringing our community on interactive trips.

New York, NY

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