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2019 Workshops

The Hubneo Virtual Reality Lab immerses users in virtual worlds using state-of-the-art VR equipment and unique full-motion simulation systems. These interconnected systems create an unparalleled level of VR immersion and facilitate collaboration and healthy competition between users. Our workshops will feature our Free Walking Wireless VR Systems, where players will explore, create, and solve puzzles while learning more about VR.


Since its launch in 1997, The Moth has presented thousands of stories told live and without notes. Moth shows are renowned for the great range of human experience they showcase. Each show starts with a theme, and the storytellers explore it, often in unexpected ways. Since each story is true and every voice authentic, the shows dance between documentary and theater, creating a unique, intimate, and often enlightening experience for the audience.

Genspace is the world's first community biology lab, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting science literacy by providing access to biology and biotechnology. Join Genspace to participate in a hands-on activity designed to highlight the wonders of the microbial world--you'll learn how microbes can be engineered to produce eye-pleasing images and novel materials. Genspace will provide colorful or fluorescent microbes that you can paint on your own agar 'canvas'!  

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Currently in its 10th Season, "Eight is NEVER Enough!" brings together NYC performers and artists from a variety of backgrounds including the dramatic stage, film, tv, stand-up, opera, classical and musical theatre with a dedication to captivating audiences through old school comedy entertainment. Audience participation is always key as each show incorporates volunteers and ideas from the crowd into every scene, skit, and song. Join this energetic and talented cast as they lead volunteers through improv games and songs.

FORWARD__Space is a fresh place anchored in dance, music, wellness, and SWEAT. For those who used to dance, love to dance, and want to dance, we offer a sanctuary-meets-club environment where entry is inclusive and the experience is exclusive. If you want a high-vibrational, energetic, damn good time, join us for a class with founder Kristin Sudekis—no experience necessary!

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Let’s be real; money can be extremely daunting -- but who says it has to be? Using historical data to depict realistic financial situations for young professionals, Alan Chen will walk you through everything you need to know in order to manage your finances and retire comfortably. You will leave this course with an understanding of budgeting, emergency funds, 401(k), IRA, and the Stock Market, as well as a concrete plan for achieving your financial goals.


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