What is a TEDxCUNYSalon?

A Salon Event is a small TEDx event organized by TEDxCUNY Chapters on various campuses. TED talks are viewed, a few live speakers can speak, and scintillating conversations are encouraged between the talks. These events are a chance to bring your campus together around a more specific theme that suits your community. It's an opportunity to talk about topics that will engage the students around you through the TED and TEDx platform.

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When are Salon Events held?

Campus liaisons are permitted to choose the date and time of their Salons. We ask only that they do not fall too closely to our annual conference, and that the TEDxCUNY Community Liaison receives an appropriate notice of the event. As defined by the TEDx Salon license, Salon Events cannot be longer than two “sessions,” which are 90 ­minute periods. In other words, your Salon Event cannot be longer than three hours.

Who can attend Salon Events?

Anyone interested can attend Salon Events, however the maximum audience size permitted by the salon license is 100 people. Remember, the Salon Events are to encourage conversation and the sharing of ideas on campus; the event should revolve around audience discussion and the relationship between the talk content and your campus community.

Why Salon Events?

The intimacy of Salon Events is perfect for active, engaging discussion. TED lists five reasons why they love Salon Events: the discussion; the single subject; the choice of format; frequency; and the options. At TEDxCUNY, we love the opportunity to connect with individual CUNYs and bring a campus together before connecting all 24 campuses at the annual event.

Who can speak at the Salon Events?

At the Salon Events, live speakers are optional: organizers must show TED or TEDx videos, and can choose to only show videos without any live speakers. with a maximum of four live speakers permitted.

How do I apply to join/start a TEDxCUNYSalon?

Great to see you're interested! Click here to apply.

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