2020 Workshops

The Hubneo Virtual Reality Lab immerses users in virtual worlds using state-of-the-art VR equipment and unique full-motion simulation systems. These interconnected systems create an unparalleled level of VR immersion and facilitate collaboration and healthy competition between users. Our workshops will feature our Free Walking Wireless VR Systems, where players will explore, create, and solve puzzles while learning more about VR.


Own The Room is a global training company that aims to improve people and performance for the most demanding organizations. We train teams all over the world in a fun, interactive environment that produces immediate results. We believe in lessons tailored to how people learn today: quickly, and by doing. Through our trademarked, experiential methodology, you’ll see actionable results in minutes, not months. In this workshop, you’ll discover strategies to overcome fear and position yourself as an invaluable leader. Learn how to convey confidence, gain credibility, capture attention, and deliver more effective messages using subtle but powerful techniques. 

Urban Word NYC has championed the voices of New York City youth for over 20 years by providing platforms for critical literacy and youth development through free & uncensored writing, college preparation & performance opportunities. In the poetry workshop, “Myself in Hyperbole,” Urban Word NYC aims to explore what our world would look like if we searched for the best within us. What would our lives look like if we proceeded towards our dreams? What external factors in our past, present, and perceived future shape our sense of self?

eight is never.gif

EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH delivers hilarious, interactive, improvised musical comedy built on audience suggestions and participation. Playing a series of games, you’ll develop self confidence, public speaking, listening, empathy and creative/critical thinking skills that will serve you well both personally and professionally. Off of the TEDxCUNY stage, you can catch this crew, led by Walt Frasier, performing off Broadway in Times Square, on tours nationwide, and in college, corporate, and educational outreach programs across the country. 

FORWARD__Space, a fresh, futuristic space offering 50-minute sweat sessions where athleticism meets artistry by way of nonstop DANCE and MUSIC. Join the FORWARD__Space team for a dance break anchored in the inherent power of these two forces. This workshop is a high-vibrational, energetic, damn good time for those who used to dance, love to dance, and want to dance —no experience necessary! 


Tomoon is a financial literacy and retirement blog focused on college students and recent graduates. Alan, founder of Tomoon, will walk you through everything you need to know in order to negotiate a competitive salary and benefits. Using personal anecdotes and scripts, this workshop will depict realistic conversations between you, human resources, and your manager. By the end, you will gain an understanding of conversation tips and negotiating tactics to get the raise you deserve.


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