Worth Searching For


“Each of our lives creates what is to come. Every time you make a choice, you make the future.” - Brittney Ryan

We are often asked where we see ourselves well into the future. These moments of reflection prompt us to seek out both our own power and the voices that resonate within the global community to which we are intimately connected. Consider how movements arise from purpose; the journey of searching for purpose demands we look beyond ourselves. Now recognize impact and movement-making, and make choices that permit you to build the thrilling, compassionate world you are searching for.  

TEDxCUNY 2020 will challenge human discomfort with obstacles and instead celebrate the strength that accompanies our curiosity and ability to dream. Dare to treat limits as though they do not exist, do the impossible, and make choices that will create a new landscape on which to build our lives, homes, families, and hopes. Speak the language of possibility, and let there be rediscovery of what the future holds for our shared humanity. Isn't such a future worth searching for? 

A day of connection and idea sharing 

Join us in co-creating a gathering dedicated to engaging, learning, and becoming active participants. Here's what you can expect:

Live Speakers

A full day program consisting of 3 sessions. In addition to 12 exciting speakers, watch a number of performances.


Explore new interests and spaces for conversation. Interact with the latest tech, inspiring organizations, our speakers, and each other.


Curated by our team for the wider CUNY community.  Enjoy snacks, stickers, and some surprises. 

Ticketing Options

TEDxCUNY is welcoming CUNY and the broader public to its 6th annual conference. If you have any questions or reservation requests, email our team at tedxcuny@gmail.com.

CUNY Affiliate Ticket

+ Conference Attendance

+ Exclusive 2020 SWAG Bag



*With valid CUNY ID

Non-CUNY School Ticket

+ Conference Attendance

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$5* / BUY 

*With valid school ID



+ Conference Attendance

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$10 / BUY 

VIP Pass

+ Conference Attendance

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+ Early Theater Access

+ T-Shirt

+ Catered Lunch

$45 / BUY 

Group Pass

+ Conference Attendance

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+ Reserved Seating

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+ Conference Attendance

+ Exclusive 2020 SWAG bag

+ Early Theater Access

+Post-conference Reception

+ Recognition in Program

+ Logo on slides/video/site

+ more!


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You'll Get to Meet...

Join us on March 20, 2020, from 9:30AM-5PM for a day of idea sharing, connection, and inspiration. We encourage our attendees to not only listen to talks, but also get hands-on experiences through workshops. Will we see you there?

Session I

Anes Ahmed

Seamus Blackley

Annalisa Perfetto



Session II

Performance: Urban Word NYC

Brett Millar

Anuja Shah

Alejandra Ibarra Chaoul


Session II

Performance: Improv

Alexander Huaylinos

Ashley Akunna

Leah Batstone


Session III

Performance: Dance

Moustafa Bayoumi

Lucia Evans

Zohra Saed

Venue: Gerald W. Lynch Theater

TEDxCUNY is excited to be hosting its 6th conference at the Gerald W. Lynch Theater at John Jay College. The theater is accessible by the 1, A, C, B, D at 59th Str. Columbus Circle, or the N, Q, R, W at 57th Street. Nearby buses include the M57, M31, M11, and M12.

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